A Winnipeg-based urbanist using sociology and communication to make people-centred cities. Co-founder of Women in Urbanism Canada.

Bringing an Interdisciplinary Lens to the Urban Sector.

As a Rhetoric & Communications and Sociology graduate from The University of Winnipeg, I analyze and translate cities' people-to-place relationships in the built environment.

This work can be seen in multiple publications through the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Urban Economy Forum, and INKspire.

It is also what pushed my latest endeavour in developing Women in Urbanism Canada, a women-led community working to transform Canadian cities into more equitable, enjoyable, and sustainable places for everyone. 

I am eager to apply this skill and knowledge towards organizations in the urban sector, making cities more people-orientated.

Latest Publication

EQUITY ANALYSIS” Loving that lens and should be applied to every public infrastructure build! Equitable access to hospital services should have been analyzed @WRHospital in #windsor hospital plan. @fordnation @celliottability @TheWindsorStar

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Truly excellent essay by @shareehochman on the concept, implementation, and potential consequences of the ‘15min city’ - the idea has a lot of potential for urban equity & equality if done right.

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